control the online portal to all our services

SmartView™ is our online portal and launching point for all of our services

Eutility's SmartView™ portal delivers the control you need to manage your energy and telecommunication usage and cost

SmartView™ is the online launching point for all of our services

Offering front-end design and functionality that can be customised to your organisation's requirements

SmartView™ can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and to deliver monthly reporting and data export files in formats that can be integrated with your internal platforms.

SmartView™ offers a range of features enabling you to control and manage your energy and utility usage and cost

SmartView™ ensures you're paying the lowest energy and telecommunications rates around the clock

SmartView™ offers a range of features that enable you to view and manage your invoices, accessing reports into your energy and telecommunications usage and costs.

Eutility has invested over $9 million into the development of the SmartView™ portal

Delivering invoice and financial management, interval data and energy and telecommunications efficiency management

SmartView™ enables you to perform detailed analysis into:

  • Invoice validation
  • Network tariff verification
  • Financial forecasting
  • Any variation in invoicing that requires attention

Benefits and features

The benefits and features of SmartView

Hierarchical multi-user access and cost-centre allocation

Allocate your cost centres and locations within a three-tier login zone

Online storage of documents, invoices, contracts and reports

Access all your documents, including invoices, contracts, reports and analysis

30 Minute delivery of State-by-State spot market pricing

This allows a graphical representation of all electricity spot pricing since 1999

Ability to export all of billing data for all of your sites

Export a flat file that consists of all your billing data for all of your sites

Review consumption, key statistics, CO2 and expenditure

An easy to comprehend chart shows all your invoices and key statistics by month

Improve your energy efficiency by benchmarking your sites

Benchmarking enables you to identify poor performance, guiding measurable improvements to efficiency

Validation of contract compliance, invoices and network tariff

Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage

Alerts of unusual activity and resolve billing and contractual issues

Alert delivers a trigger to our Help Desk to be resolved and all billing and contractual issues will be resolved by your account manager

You never waste your time negotiating with service providers

Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage