Richmond Dairies


Richmond Dairies has been using Eutility’s SmartEnergy system to monitor our site’s electricity use over the past few months.

The ability to record (and export to MS Excel) such high resolution usage data is very valuable for us. Previously, I looked at our monthly energy use and monthly production records to monitor plant efficiency. Being able to have daily use allows me to monitor very closely what is going on, and whether energy reduction measures are performing as well as they should.

The only problem I have now is that the resolution of our production records isn’t good enough to match the electricity data!  It is also very valuable for me when it comes to applying for any grants or assistance for energy reduction projects.  Rather than have to start data in readiness for submitting an application, I can simply log in and all the information is ready to go.  Also, the addition of an ambient temperature log is helpful for a site such as ours where refrigeration accounts for a large proportion of our electricity use.

It is a very impressive tool for engineers who are concerned about electricity use.