Ritchies Stores have been working with Eutility since 2012 and during this time have found them easy to work with. We have collaborated with them to negotiate power rates at a significant discount to what we previously had previously been paying.

Due to our large footprint of stores, we have partnered with Eutility to progressively purchase all our power needs over a three year period. Early indications are we will be enjoying some significant reductions in years 2 and 3, well below the rates we would be paying if still working to a set contracted rate.

The SmartView reporting tool has been invaluable to us as a business in measuring and evaluating our 75 stores’ energy consumption in the implementation of energy saving initiatives. We have been able to easily identify the stores that would benefit the most from a roll out of various refrigeration initiatives, and then measure them from day one using the Eutility SmartView reporting tool. Many of the benefits we have enjoyed from the energy savings may not have eventuated without the ability to monitor the trials so precisely.