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One generator operational at Loy Yang coal fired energy plant

Only one generator out of four is currently operational at Victoria’s largest coal fired energy plant as temperatures warm across the state with the arrival of Spring.

Unit three at Loy Yang A was knocked out yesterday morning due to a tube leak with hopes it will be back and running in about four days while unit one is undergoing scheduled service to prepare for peak demand during summer.

Unit two at the Loy Yang A power station has been undergoing repairs since May 18 and is expected to be ready to go in time for Summer.

AGL Executive General Manager Group Operations Doug Jackson said the three offline units would not decrease supply to the National Energy Market (NEM).

“AGL operates a diversified generation portfolio and continued to supply electricity to the National Electricity Market during the outages,” he said.

It is understood units strategically receive maintenance in off periods in preparation for increases in demand with unit four currently supply power to the grid.

More than 200,000s households lost power in the peak of last summer after the Australian Energy Market Operator enforced rolling power outages to make up a 250 megawatt shortfall in supply.

At the time, the Australian Energy Market Operator blamed the failure of two generators at the Yallourn coal-fired power station and ¬another at Loy Yang A, all in the Latrobe Valley, for reducing supply by 1800MW.

An Australian Energy Market Operator spokesman told The Australian they were not concerned by the three generators currently offline.

Source: The Australian