ProTen is the leading broiler chicken farm developer and operator in Australia.  ProTen owns and operates over 500 poultry sheds across over 45 broiler farms strategically located in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

ProTen’s existing Farms have the capacity to produce over 150 million broiler chickens per year.  This represents approximately 20% of Australia’s annual broiler chicken production.


All farms have solar PV installations at a significant investment.  The actual return on investment was unclear, inverter data was time-consuming to access and analyse  and independent analysis of system performance was not available..  The data was not mapped to the energy billing.

Tracking of LGC’s in a suitable format for retirement to the regulator was also unavailable.


  • Installed sub metering on all the solar systems. Data recorded is mapped to the billing costs.
  • Monthly ROI reporting is completed by recreating electricity invoices from interval data, rates and tariffs, detailing costs with and without solar.
  • The ROI, energy and cost savings are tracked on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Alerts are provided on underperforming systems including any down time of the systems. Actual irradiance data is considered when evaluating system performance.
  • Monthly LGC reports are provided allowing tracking of LGC’s produced and costs.
  • All data is accessible on a single web portal, irrespective of the type of equipment installed making aggregation of data for annual energy, cost and emissions reporting easy.

Proten receives any level of reporting needed from the Eutility Team and the significant investment made on solar is visible, monitored and we have surety that our investment is delivering returns.