COVID-19 energy relief announcement

Updated 14 April 2020 at 4:13 pm

Applies to: QLD


Embedded Network Retailer Rebate Programme

Please be aware Eutility can assist in recovering these retailer rebates for the embedded network operator but not the ultimate residential consumer.

For operators of embedded networks, the following approach will apply:

  1. Embedded network operators/exempt sellers will need to send the relevant form to their retailer identifying the number of occupied households or businesses in their network. Again, there will be separate claim forms provided for embedded network operators to use for both rebates.
  2. Retailers will claim a bulk payment from Smart Service Queensland. The bulk payment received by retailers will be credited on the embedded network operator’s account.
  3. Embedded network operators will be responsible for distributing the payment to their customers as a credit on their next invoice.

Below are useful resources pertaining to the Queensland Government Utility Relief Payment: