Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 04-Nov-2016

Eutility provides multi-disciplinary expert assistance to reduce business overheads

We are energy and telecommunications experts

Why should my company choose Eutility?

Eutility has more than 30 years of experience in in managing businesses’ energy costs, usage, procuring and planning.

Eutility will empower your business to take control of its utility usage – by sourcing you the best market rates through negotiating with some of the country’s largest providers and giving you access to all the information and data you need.

Our intuitive products can be tailored to meet your own business objectives – you won’t have to utilise anything that won’t be of direct benefit to you.

How do I know which products are best for my company?

We are a consultative service and can mix and match products to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your business needs.

Why do our electricity and gas bills go to Eutility?

Once the new energy retail contract is in place, your energy data is sent automatically to our it systems, should your retailer not provide this link your energy bills are scanned and redirected to our paperless office for storage. Bills will only be delayed by ONE day. We store the bills in order to carry out billing checks to verify rates and charges. Your energy bills are available 24/7 via our Smartview® on-line portal found at

Do you hold onto our bills for a period of time?

No, we do not hold onto your electricity or telecommunications bills for any period of time. We scan and analyse your bills on the day we receive them and forward them to the customer on the same day. As a result there is usually only a delay of ONE day.

What if we have not received the latest electricity bill?

We receive the vast majority of electricity bills in the first half of each month and there is a minor delay of one day due to us scanning and validating the bills. If you have not received your bill in an acceptable time, please contact us and we will track down the bill in our database and resend it, or we will follow up the issue with your supplier.

Do I pay my utility bills through Eutility?

No, we are not a retailer, therefore you continue to pay your electricity bills through your current supplier.

How do we initiate Eutility’s SmartProcure™ service?

You are required to sign a Master Service Agreement, and provide 3-12 months of electricity/gas bills or a current retail contract offer.

What is the NMI on my electricity bill?

The NMI (National Meter Identifier) identifies your electricity meter, separately to all other meters. The NMI is important as it is used when transferring from one retailer to another.

What is the MIRN on my gas bill?

The MIRN (Meter Installation Reference Number) is used to identify gas meters. Like the NMI, the MIRN is important when transferring retailers.

If I sign a contract with a retailer can I change my mind?

Once a contract has been agreed, signed and accepted it is legally binding, breaking the contract will result in penalty payments to the incumbent retailer.

If I terminate or vacate our premises early, will there be any penalties?

If you terminate or vacate a premise during the period of the agreement you may be liable for the unused energy contracted under the terms of the contract. Retail contracts may be transferred to another site or entity within the same state. If the contract cannot be completed then you may be liable for termination charges.

What happens with our utility bills?

Your energy data is automatically sent to our systems, in order to verify rates and charges. We scan and analyse them the day we receive them, and forward them straight to you. Your bills will be stamped with the Eutility logo to certify that we have received, processed and scanned them. You can view your bills and relevant data 24/7 via our online SmartView™ portal.

Will a credit check be carried out by a retailer prior to contract acceptance?

Retailers will carry out credit checks prior to the contract start and if deemed necessary will request a security deposit or payment by direct debit.