Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Last updated 04-Nov-2016

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BoDBeginning of Gas Day
Co2Carbon Dioxide
Co2-eCarbon Dioxide equivalent
CPRSCarbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
CCGTCombined Cycle Gas Turbine
DSNDeclared Shared Network
DTSDeclared Transmission System
DWGMDeclared Wholesale Gas Market
DSPDemand Side Participation
DUIDDispatchable Unit Identifier
DLFDistribution Loss Factor
DNSPDistribution Network Service Provider
ESTEastern Standard Time
EDDEffective Degree Day
ESOOElectricity Statement of Opportunities
EoD LPEnd of Day Linepack
EAAPEnergy Adequacy Assessment Projection
EMSEnergy Management System
FRMPFinancially Responsible Market Participant
FCASFrequency Control Ancillary Services
FRCFull Retail Competition
FRCFull Retail Contestability
GWhGigawatt hour
IECInformation Exchange Committee
kVAKilovolt ampere
LOR1Lack of Reserve 1
LOR2Lack of Reserve 2
LOR3Lack of Reserve 3
LNSPLocal Network Service Provider
LRLocal Retailer
LRMCLong-run marginal cost
LRCLow Reserve Condition
MIBBMarket Information Bulletin Board
MMSMarket Management System
MOSMarket Operator Service
MPSMarket Price Cap
MSATSMarket Settlement and Transfer Solution Procedures
MT PASAMedium Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy
MWhMegawatt hours
NEMNational Electricity Market
NEMMCONational Electricity Management Company Ltd
NERNational Electricity Rules
NTNDPNational Transmission Network Development Plan
NSPNetwork Service Provider
NMNSNon-market Non-scheduled
NMSNon-market Scheduled
OCDOver-constrained Dispatch
PASAProjected Assessment of System Adequacy
RRPRegional Reference Price
RERTReliability and Emergency Reserve Trader
RETRenewable Energy Target
SRASettlements Residue Auction
STPASAShort Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SRASSystem Restart Ancillary Services
TWhTerawatt hour
TNSPTransmission Network Service Provider
UAFGUnaccounted for Gas
USEUnserved energy