Net Zero

Control your carbon footprint

Is your business looking to start a decarbonization roadmap or simply reduce its carbon footprint but not sure where to start?

Navigating energy consumption and carbon management while meeting rigorous reporting requirements requires expertise, time, resources, and budget.

We know each business is unique and one size doesn’t fit all. We will work with you to create and implement a strategy that allows your business to reduce your energy consumption and meet your net-zero goals.

Whether you have a single or multiple locations our experienced and skilled analysts and engineers will complete the following:

Baseline and accounting

Start with your energy and emissions baseline(s)
  1. Either existing or EU can create
  2. May desire multiple baseline options (years)
  3. Emissions / RE % calculations presented under multiple accounting options:
    1. Locational, Market based, Scopes 1, 2 and full fuel cycle
    2. NGER, National Greenhouse Account Factors
    3. GHG Protocol, other Certification program
  4. Warehousing of baseline data (for Verification where needed)

Forecast and Tracking

Starts with your targets or we help you create the best target(s) for your business
  1. Emissions Reductions (Scope 1 and / or Scope 2) / Percentage of renewables
  2. Locational reduction capacity
    1. Solar PV contributions to target
    2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Market reduction cost estimates
    1. Off-sets / LGCs
  4. Modelling of multiple target reduction scenarios to determine likely costs.
  5. Budget setting and business case evaluation


Extraction of data as necessary format to satisfy internal and external needs
  1. Compliance reporting (e.g. NGER).
  2. Corporate and Sustainability Reporting
  3. Program reporting for external verification and Certification
  4. Protocols and records for third party audit and verification.


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Bill validation

  • Procurement, renewables, off-sets

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Analysis and Statistical Reporting

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