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The Next Renewable Energy Source Could Be Rain

The quest for the next source of renewable energy is well under way, with no natural phenomenon overlooked. We have already harnessed the power of flowing water, wind, and sunlight, and the search for the next clean source of energy is far from over.

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Gas in reserve ‘key to cutting prices’

Australia’s big energy users are still paying high prices for domestic gas supplies, triggering ¬renewed calls from Centre ¬Alliance senator Rex Patrick for a reservation scheme to be rolled out on the east coast.

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Renewables save the day in interstate energy crisis

A key section of the nation’s energy infrastructure has been restored after the storm-affected interconnector between South Australia and Victoria was turned back on this week following the successful installation of temporary transmission towers.

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Record low demand for grid power strains system

Solar-rich South Australia has set a new record low for electricity demand from the grid but the renewables-dominated state still had the highest average prices in the December quarter as it struggled to meet soaring demand as summer weather took hold.

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Power bill threat as renewable energy spending plummets

Congestion woes in Australia’s power grid threaten to hike household electricity bills and derail the nation’s ability to achieve deeper cuts to carbon emissions following a collapse in renewable energy spending, Queensland government-owned investment giant QIC has warned.

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Cane for Matt Kean as MPs flag emissions change

Moderate Liberal MPs have flagged lifting the Coalition’s 2030 emissions reduction target to more than 30 per cent, as Scott Morrison lashed NSW minister Matt Kean over criticisms of his government’s climate policies.

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