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2021 News articles relating to the energy and telecommunications industries

What is the role of gas in a green economy?

The Tomago aluminium smelter outside Newcastle received a special visitor in September. Prime Minister Scott Morrison wanted to outline how he would use affordable and reliable energy to supercharge Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery. As the single biggest user of energy in the country, the Tomago smelter was an ideal backdrop.

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‘Super-spike’ to fire up LNG producers

The eye-watering surge in liquefied natural gas prices over the past few weeks is expected to fire up revenue for gas exporters but only a small part of that is expected to show in the December quarter reports.

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Vic power unit outages leave market unfazed

Sudden outages at two coal power plants in Victoria over the weekend did little to rattle the electricity market in the normally critical mid-summer period in a sign of how rapidly the state's power grid is transforming.

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Renewables ‘can bust congestion’

The federal government’s energy security adviser has suggested renewable energy generators be offered incentives to build projects in particular zones across Australia, in a bid to drive investor confidence and deliver long-term benefits to consumers.

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Runaway LNG price sends warning to gas buyers

An unprecedented surge in prices for LNG in Asia is ringing alarm bells among industrial energy users on the east coast amid forecasts that domestic gas prices could be driven back up into double figures, despite lacklustre demand.

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Power industry backs national approach to reforms

Electricity suppliers have thrown their weight behind a push by the country's top energy policy adviser for a national approach to spurring on-demand power generation amid worries of a splintering between states that could further delay new projects.

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