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2022 News articles relating to the energy and telecommunications industries

Pace of power grid transition in dispute

The owner of the Vales Point coal power generator in NSW has joined AGL Energy in voicing doubt whether the rapid exit of coal power envisaged by the Australian Energy Market Operator is feasible without putting at risk security of supply.

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AGL, EA restructures put Origin Energy in crosshairs

Chalk it up as the year for diversified utilities deals. Ten years after the last big round of old world electricity deals – Origin buying Eraring Energy, AGL acquiring MacGen – the sector’s alive with fresh hopes of corporate activity.

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Traders wanted in a once-sleepy gas market with new kingpins

Around the world, analysts and traders are grappling with the biggest shakeup in the 60-year history of liquefied natural gas: The emergence of two new superpowers, the US and China, who are bringing more uncertainty and price fluctuations to a once-staid commodity market.

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