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Procurement of your energy and telecommunications can take up a significant amount of time as you search providers for the best deals, analyse information, negotiate and understand the "small print" and executing contracts whilst managing your normal day to day operations. With so many different types of contracts available to businesses across Australia, this process can become confusing and frustrating.

This is where Eutility can help you take control. You will have access to experienced and skilled analysts who will analyse and manage your company’s electricity, gas, LPG and telecommunications requirements. Compiling all the relevant data and information to market participants to acquire the best available rates based on your business’s energy and commercial requirements, for now and the future, obtaining the best available outcome for your business.

Your business will have access to all supplier pricing offers enabling you to access the opportunities for reducing costs through our SmartProcure™ platform. Our bespoke electricity and gas tender contract reporting provides a fully comprehensive summary of all the costs associated with the provision of energy to your premises. This includes the best available energy and environmental charges, along with market, network, supplier, and metering charges. The report summaries are adaptable to meet your requirements, providing analysis on a company level, by state, or by ABN with overall quick analysis options, along with comprehensive individual site analysis making it easy for your organisation to make decisions quickly, effectively and with confidence.

The reports provide apples to apples comparisons of the offers, including all information on the various terms enabling you to make swift decisions and take advantage of market movements.

SmartProcure™ combined with access to SmartView™ provide powerful analytical tools to enhance your business's understanding and control of your energy usage and costs. Enabling you to make more agile and confident decisions in projecting costs and ultimately savings. The SmartView™ platform provides all your consumption and billing data online coupled with sophisticated and intuitive reporting allowing you to be in control.

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Access experienced and skilled analysts to analyse and manage your energy
Access our experienced and skilled analysts who are able to analyse and manage your company’s energy usage, network charges and demand charges – and who will then take this information to market to acquire you the best available rates
Analytics and know-how enabling you to decide what is best for your business
You can be sure you are locking down the lowest available rates with SmartProcure™, Eutility's system to deliver you multi-year price offers as well as full analytical reports so you can decide what is best for your business moving forward
Use SmartView™ for real-time online data analysis and statistical reporting
SmartView™ is a complementary service to our energy procurement systems – a real-time online interface enabling you to view and manage your energy bills, contracts, monthly data management and live energy data feeds at the click of a mouse

Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Below is a snapshot of the reporting and insights from our SmartProcure, SmartAnalysis, SmartSolar & SmartView platforms
Billing Repository
Document Repository
Forecast 1
Forecast 2
Network Price Review
Overview Report
Period Overlay
Site Overlay
SmartInvoicing 1
SmartInvoicing 2
SmartInvoicing 3
SmartInvoicing 3a
SmartInvoicing 4
SmartInvoicing 5
SmartInvoicing 6
SmartInvoicing 7
SmartInvoicing 8
Smart Market Reports
Solar 1
Solar 2
Solar 3
Verification 1
Verification 2