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control energy costs

SmartTrading™ returns tangible results and mitigates the risks associated with your energy portfolio

Eutility achieves this by giving you the control to pro-actively manage the procurement of your energy

Eutility provides expert advice to help businesses manage their energy portfolio risks

Our customers achieve tangible results in mitigating the risks associated with their energy portfolios

In a competitive energy market, it is more essential than ever before to consider expert advice with regard to managing the risks facing your energy portfolio.

The management of energy exposure in financial terms has never been more important given the extent of rising non-commodity costs and potential for further application of green and carbon schemes/taxes associated with political change.

You can return tangible results and mitigate the risks associated with your energy portfolio by pro-actively managing the procurement of your energy.

We are wholesale energy traders and risk managers

Our focus is on risk management delivering budget certainty and economic modelling

  • We have established partnerships with several market experts and vendors
  • We utilise our market experience and relationships on behalf of clients
  • We provide a market hot desk (live market monitoring, analysis, reporting and enquiries)
  • We offer full training whenever required
  • Our customer care managers support the entire process

Eutility enables you to make strategic energy purchasing decisions

Ritchies Stores have been working with Eutility since 2012 and during this time have found them easy to work with. We have collaborated with them to negotiate power rates at a significant discount to what we previously had previously been paying.

Due to our large footprint of stores, we have partnered with Eutility to progressively purchase all our power needs over a three year period. Early indications are we will be enjoying some significant reductions in years 2 and 3, well below the rates we would be paying if still working to a set contracted rate.

The SmartView reporting tool has been invaluable to us as a business in measuring and evaluating our 75 stores’ energy consumption in the implementation of energy saving initiatives. We have been able to easily identify the stores that would benefit the most from a roll out of various refrigeration initiatives, and then measure them from day one using the Eutility SmartView reporting tool. Many of the benefits we have enjoyed from the energy savings may not have eventuated without the ability to monitor the trials so precisely.

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Fixed-price retail contracts

This is the traditional energy procurement model whereby Eutility provides advice as to timing and negotiation of fixed-price retail contracts. Eutility has over 10,000 large market customers under this arrangement allowing us to know how far energy retailers are prepared to go, even prior to tender!

Progressive energy purchasing

Progressive energy purchasing enables large volume customers to purchase “parcels of energy” through a retailer at various points in time, utilising either online or manual execution within the client’s risk management framework. This framework is provided by Eutility which includes policy, delegations of authority (sign-off) and reporting.

Structured combination

Structured combination provides for an opportunity to combine fixed-price retail contracts with progressive purchasing. This also includes a “direct to market” opportunity for high energy users.

Demand side energy management

Demand side energy management is an additional value add to be used in conjunction with the other mechanisms. The benefits include the ability to curtail energy load at high spot/pool price times, as well as the management of despatch requests notifying customers of “demand events”, enabling them to curtail their load via the use of backup generation and/or by fully or partially shutting down electrical equipment.

SmartTrading™ daily market reports

Electricity base/flat contract

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