control invoice batching, validation and payment for multi-site accounts

SmartValidation™ delivers automatic batching, validation and payment of energy invoices

Enabling Eutility to provide efficient workflow for large, multi-site accounts

Eutility has successfully diversified its product portfolio to manage large multi-site energy accounts, including both large market and small market locations.

SmartValidation™ is the process of bulk invoice batching, which allows for efficient workflow to occur for Eutility’s clients.

Initial setup of services

An invoice upload facility is available to view all invoices on Eutility’s SmartView™ portal.  This includes all of the following:

  • Small market
  • Embedded
  • Gas
  • LPG

Invoice validation process

Our system automatically validates invoices for payment and automatic, internal alerts are raised covering anomalies with everything from rates, meter reads, accruals, estimated invoices and correct dates. Eutility staff will internally rectify 90% of these alerts and the balance will be resolved directly with the client contact.
All invoices are batched together with an excel summary which sorts via site ID, GL or Cost Centre Codes or Vendor Codes or all the above.
This is summarised to integrate perfectly with our clients’ accounts platform.

Consolidated delivery of invoices

A client may also avail themselves of a monthly ONE payment system whereby a single monthly invoice can be paid and Eutility will use this account to pay individual invoices. The benefits of this being:

  • Consolidating all individual bills into one easy payment for the client’s accounts payable team
  • On payment of our invoice, Eutility uses the funds to pay individual retailers
  • Payments are easily tracked – our system records the payment file for each invoice
  • Payment reminders are issued directly to Eutility and followed up with the retailers
  • Payment extensions arranged as required
  • Missing bills chased with retailers

Eutility’s SmartValidation™ is currently being employed by various clients, most notably Vodafone, consisting of approximately 4,000 nation-wide locations.

A client testimonial

Eutility have provided consulting services to Vodafone since 2017 in areas including electricity procurement, billing verification and cost optimisation. They been responsible for ensuring Vodafone’s energy costs have remained neutral when other Management firms have predicted steep increases.
They provide us with quick and excellent pricing advice and current market information whenever requested, and we continue to see excellent outcomes as a result of their analysis. We consider Eutility to be a valuable business partner and would highly recommend them to anyone.

General Manager, Supplier Strategy & Property