Reduce your carbon footprint and costs

Deciding on what is the best solar solution can be an extremely complicated process.

Understanding which solar power size system you need and if batteries are a good fit. What is the best orientation and pitch for maximum results, ongoing maintenance, and operational costs need consideration, installation requirements, how much risk you want to take, funding and grants, and which type of solar contract suits your business combined with rebates and different tariffs can make it time-consuming, confusing and frustrating.

Eutility is agnostic and can provide you with the best advice on solar size without you overpaying for panels you do not need or that can provide you little to no value. Financial metrics on installers proposals can be over ambitious and it is important to understand how this will work against your usage as well as cost profile.

Our team will work with you to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service managing all aspects of your solar needs – including choice of system, solar installer, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and optimization. Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

Our experienced and skilled analysts will

Analyse all energy data and services profiling and reporting
Build a strategy to reduce yoru carbon footprint and enhance your green creditials while maximising savings
Negotiate retail contracts and lock down key long term review processes
Show Savings
Create a comprehensive and independent report to show savings based on current market pricing
Quartlery post implementation review - validate savings, monitor performance and invoices

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Would you like to know more?

To assist you in managing your solar costs, you will have access to our SmartSolar™ and SmartEnergy™ portals.
Our SmartSolar™ portal unlike others links your solar system to your bills and confirms accurate energy and cost savings each month. It also provides you with transparent ongoing management and performance of your investment by:
  • Receiving data from retailer meter and solar meter which enables accurate ROI to be provided (CFO, PM, Board members)
  • Receiving localised Irradiation feeds
  • Enabling solar output to be monitored and indicates if performing efficiently
  • Enabling alerts if solar system is underperforming
  • Indicates opportune timing for maintenance / cleaning
  • Providing big brother concept for solar providers
  • Providing backing for Solar Production Guarantee.
SmartEnergy allows you to
Identify key areas where demand may be shifted or reduced
Identify key areas where demand may be shifted or reduced as well as important data for those on contracted and rolling capacity tariffs
Access a monthly calendar overview of your energy performance
The overview of your energy performance enables you to instantly identify wastage and trends by day so that you can reduce cost
Obtain carbon output data suitable for use in sustainability reports
SmartEnergy™ provides carbon data suitable for use in sustainability reports
Review when energy is used in relationship to Time of Use tariffs
Review when energy is used in relationship to Time of Use tariffs so you can strategically shift operational practices and access optimal pricing and cost profiles
Be empowered to normalise data and manage billable demand
All charts and graphs provide for interval overlays of Power Factor and Climate allowing for an opportunity to be able to normalise data and manage billable demand
Influence behavioural change, identify wastage and meter errors
Our Daily Usage Report will give you the opportunity to influence behavioural change on site, recognise wastage and identify meter errors
Alerts are emailed to you and to your account manager
Every alert delivers a trigger to our Help Desk and if all checks fail, the alert is emailed to you and escalated to your account manager
Ability to export your billing data for all of your sites
Export a flat file that consists of all your billing data for all of your sites
Compare energy usage across services or locations
Compare energy use across services or locations over a pre-defined time period for an easy visual cue for highlighting irregularities, providing a leader board and benchmarking
Reports of your expenditure and consumption across your portfolio
Access clear reporting in a hierarchical structure providing a monthly portfolio overview and annualised usage, cost and carbon emissions
Compare usage and costs against Standard Industry Codes
A benchmarking tool allowing a for a comparison of your usage and costs against Standard Industry Codes (SIC)
Have access to a dedicated account manager, analysts and engineers
Your account manager is dedicated to assisting you in resolving alerts delivered if they are deemed outside normal parameters

Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Below is a snapshot of the reporting and insights from our SmartSolar platform
Overview Report
Period Overlay
Site Overlay
Solar 1
Solar 2
Solar 3