Reduce your telecommunications costs

SmartEnergy™ empowers you with near real-time information on energy usage and demand

Reduce your overall energy consumption and carbon output with SmartEnergy™
SmartEnergy™ gives you control of your energy usage and carbon output
SmartEnergy™ provides a detailed analysis and assessment of your energy consumption and recommending technology to help you control and reduce your usage immediately.
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Reduce your telecommunications costs

Telecommunication costs form a substantial portion of your company’s expenses and deciding on what the best telecommunications deal is from different suppliers in not always easy. Understanding what services and equipment you require, data pooling, roaming charges, loyalty funds, how much risk you want to take and which type of telecommunications contract suits your business combined with different rates requires expertise, time, resources and budget.

Our experienced and skilled analysts will

Analyse all telecommunications data and services profiling and reporting
Build a strategy to target improvements in servive while maximising savings
Negotiate retail contracts and lock down key long term review processes
Show Savings
Create a comprehensive and independent report to show savings based on current market pricing
Quarterly post implementation review - validate savings and monitor invoices
On top of this, we will undertake a line-by-line invoice verification and contract compliance process comparing your service and costs against your service contract. We typically discover an incredible variance in several keys areas, including but not limited to:
  • Removal of redundant fixed line and mobile services
  • Ensure all service and equipment being charged is required and being utilised
  • Data pooling not being applied across the entire fleet of mobiles
  • Reduction in roaming charges by utilising specific bolt-ons and roaming plans to reduce costs
  • Ensure no excess data usage is occurring
  • Verification into tech and loyalty funds and correct application of credit versus contract
  • Ensuring all aditional services connected after contract are in fact on the contract rate

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We uncover credits on 45% of tier one carrier invoices. In many cases retrospectively!
To assist you in managing your telecommunications costs, you will have access to our SmartAnalysis™ portal. SmartAnalysis™ allows you to:

Hierarchical multi-user access and cost-centre allocation
Allocate your cost centres and locations within a three-tier login zone
Online storage of documents, invoices, contracts and reports
Access all your documents, including invoices, contracts, reports and analysis
You never waste your time negotiating with service providers
Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage
Ability to export all of billing data for all of your sites
Export a flat file that consists of all your billing data for all of your sites
Review consumption, key statistics, CO2 and expenditure
An easy to comprehend chart shows all your invoices and key statistics by month
Improve your energy efficiency by benchmarking your sites
Benchmarking enables you to identify poor performance, guiding measurable improvements to efficiency
Validation of contract compliance, invoices and network tariff
Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage
Alerts of unusual activity and resolve billing and contractual issues
Our Help Desk is alerted to unusual activity to be resolved and your Account Manager will be alerted to any billing and contractual issues that need resolving.
30 Minute delivery of State-by-State spot market pricing
This allows a graphical representation of all electricity spot pricing since 1999

Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Below is a snapshot of the reporting and insights from our SmartView platform