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We have been utilising the services of Eutility for approximately seven years to assist with the procurement of our energy needs which has included both our electricity and natural gas contracts.

Eutility have provided guidance on the appropriate time to tender based on market indicators and have provided the financial analysis as well as guidance on other factors to be considered when receiving the tender results. The correct guidance when conducting these tenders has enabled the company to make significant savings when compared to the general energy market.

We have always found Eutility to be very knowledgeable of the energy market and have offered practical advice when offering solutions. Eutility have always responded to any queries or concerns in a timely and professional manner.

We are pleased to be able to highly recommend the services of eEutility to any prospective clients.

Chief Financial Officer

As a trusted partner of Interactive for over seven years, Eutility not only services our day to day needs with their expert platforms for SmartView and SmartEnergy services and expert industry knowledge, they have also kickstarted our journey toward Progressive Purchasing; enabling us to move to a holistic approach to electricity procurement.

Our needs are always their top priority. Nicole alongside her team are always quick to resolve any enquiries. They go above and beyond to proactively introduce cost reductions and billing optimisation opportunities, be it environmental, network or consumption focused. Having a reliable partner who prioritises our needs is a pleasure, only made better by their personalised service.

National Procurement Manager

KFC wish to congratulate the Eutility team with regard to procurement, validation and ultimately the delivery of the SmartEnergy program.

The process of delivery was undertaken in a highly professional manner, securing the group with extremely competitive metering and retail rates for equity stores. As a result, we have had a tremendous uptake of our independent KFC franchisees.

Eutility provided exceptional expertise and support during our recent tender for the procurement of our metering and retail contracts. KFC have also adopted the SmartEnergy platform across all equity stores and a large propotion of our franchise stores. This system allows stores to have easy access to energy invoices and near-live interval data feeds, which in turn provides tools to encourage behavioural change in stores. Invoice validation, tariff checking and regular reporting all provide KFC with additional assurance and tools to manage our energy spend/usage across stores.

I would like to personally congratulate your General Manager, Neil Gifford, and especially our allocated account manager, Alexandra Large, for their professionalism and superior account management.

Supply Chain Manager - Sustainability

Eutility have proved invaluable in the minefield that is energy procurement by providing advice that has continually proven itself to be knowledge based and completely sound.


Michael Hill Jewellers engaged Eutility to conduct a comparison of the telecommunications offers we had received from a range of carriers.

Not only did Eutility conduct this thorough comparison showing us the benefits of each offer, along with the bottom line figures of exactly what each offer would save the company but Eutility managed to negotiate further savings with our chosen carrier and negated an existing contract we did not require.

The overall benefit was significant, cutting Michael Hills overall IT spend by more than 40%.

I would like to personally congratulate the team for their professionalism and superior knowledge of the telecommunications market.

Global IT Support Manager

May we take this opportunity to thank the team at Eutility for the services provided to Miele Australia over the last 3 months.

We have been a long standing customer of a tier 1 telecoms carrier and such when it came time to renewing we looked to our incumbent for a quote. After receiving an average quote and being told there was nothing more that can be done, we decided to hire Eutility to conduct a comprehensive tender process on our behalf.

We were most impressed with the detailed analysis, professionalism and market knowledge provided by Eutility, not to mention the big cost savings achieved!  The entire process is a testament to a professional organisation.

Head of Information Technology

ProTen is Australia’s largest grower of broiler chickens. Electricity is one of our largest costs. Our external electricity bill is nearly $6 million per annum in three states. Around 30% of our electricity is generated from our own solar panels installed across almost all of our farms.

Eutility have been of enormous value to us as we have navigated the volatility and complexity of the Australian energy market. They have secured attractive pricing and terms for us through running tenders for our electricity supply. Their tendering service is comprehensive and takes away all the hassle of procurement – we give them our half hourly data and they come back with pricing and a recommendation. They were even able to secure attractive pricing for solar export on our most recent tender. Their advice on the market is always timely and commercial.

They have also designed and installed a metering system which gives us revenue grade and detailed data on our power usage and solar generation. This data has been invaluable in our budgeting and business decision making.

I would highly recommend Eutility.

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Richmond Dairies has been using Eutility’s SmartEnergy system to monitor our site’s electricity use over the past few months.

The ability to record (and export to MS Excel) such high resolution usage data is very valuable for us. Previously, I looked at our monthly energy use and monthly production records to monitor plant efficiency. Being able to have daily use allows me to monitor very closely what is going on, and whether energy reduction measures are performing as well as they should.

The only problem I have now is that the resolution of our production records isn’t good enough to match the electricity data!  It is also very valuable for me when it comes to applying for any grants or assistance for energy reduction projects.  Rather than have to start data in readiness for submitting an application, I can simply log in and all the information is ready to go.  Also, the addition of an ambient temperature log is helpful for a site such as ours where refrigeration accounts for a large proportion of our electricity use.

It is a very impressive tool for engineers who are concerned about electricity use.

Cheif Engineer

Ritchies Stores have been working with Eutility since 2012 and during this time have found them easy to work with. We have collaborated with them to negotiate power rates at a significant discount to what we previously had previously been paying.

Due to our large footprint of stores, we have partnered with Eutility to progressively purchase all our power needs over a three year period. Early indications are we will be enjoying some significant reductions in years 2 and 3, well below the rates we would be paying if still working to a set contracted rate.

The SmartView reporting tool has been invaluable to us as a business in measuring and evaluating our 75 stores’ energy consumption in the implementation of energy saving initiatives. We have been able to easily identify the stores that would benefit the most from a roll out of various refrigeration initiatives, and then measure them from day one using the Eutility SmartView reporting tool. Many of the benefits we have enjoyed from the energy savings may not have eventuated without the ability to monitor the trials so precisely.

National Marketing General Manager

I’ve worked with Eutility in a couple of companies where I have managed their utility categories. Nicole Sanderson has been my point of contact in both companies and she has worked with me to develop Utility Strategies that meet the needs of the business delivering sustainable and immediate benefits. We have successfully implemented an Electricity Strategy that enabled a decentralised managed business to effectively ensure continuation of supply at low rates and improved commercial outcomes. We have been able to align electricity contract dates across multiple sites and divisions that consolidate our supply and increases our buying power when going out to market for new contracts. Nicole and her team are very responsive to our organisational needs, have extensive knowledge of the energy market, provide a comprehensive/holistic service, and accommodate any requests in a professional and strategic manner.

Sourcing Manage - Indirects & Overheads